American Trust Center Food Frenzy


The Food Frenzy competition, Sponsored by American Trust Center , takes place Friday, July 20th, and is targeted at current North Dakota State Fair food Vendors. Each food vendor is encouraged to enter a new and unique Fair food that has never been sold before. We encourage all Fairgoers to try these one of a kind Fair foods created specially for the 2018 ND State Fair. Follow us on Facebook to get the details on submitting your vote for People's Choice Award.

2018 Food Frenzy Contestants

Shannon Straight Concessions & Nordic Waffles - Waffle Dog

A delicious Cloverdale hot dog covered with provalone cheese, mustard, and crunchy onion wrapped in a tasty Nordic waffle.

Regals Concessions Quesadilla Junction - Chicken & Bacon Ranch Quesadilla

A grilled tortilla with seasoned chicken and bacon, melted colby jack cheese, and homemade salsa, topped with a drizzle of buttermilk ranch.

Minnesota Wing King - Buffalo Chicken Gyro

Fresh grilled chicken, house-made buffalo queso, jalapenos, sour cream, and fresh bacon wrapped in a warm pita shell.

Your Just Desserts - Yo-Yo Cookies

Two chocolate chip cookies with frosting or ice cream sandwiched between them.

Walleye-on-a-Stick - Fleischkuekla

Specially seasoned German all beef meat pie in a flaky crust.

Westrums Concessions - Double Trouble Jalapeno and Cheese

Jalapeno cheese curds smothered with jalapeno and cheese sauce.

Westrums Concessions - Wild Rice Double Jalapeno and Cheese Burger

Their famous wild rice and beef burger topped with provalone cheese and jalapeno cheese curds with extra jalapenos.

Waffle Chix - Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffle Stick

Chocolate chip cookie dough baked in a sweet belgian waffle and covered in powdered sugar with chocolate syrup.

The Original Minneapple Pie - The Ultimate Minneapple Pie

A fresh handmade deep-fried apple pie served with vanilla and cinnamon ice cream then topped off with their 100% pure apple syrup.

Solem Concessions - Steak Kabob

Delectable seasoned steak cooked to perfection then placed on a stick.

MSI & Spicy Pie - Homemade Dill Pickle Pork Rinds

Dill pickle flavored pork rinds.

MSI & Spicy Pie - Mini Donut Nachos

Cinnamon and sugar mini-donuts topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream, caramel, and chocolate.

Thompson's Root Beer - Coffee Glazed Cappuccino Funnel Cake

A traditional coffee glaze spread over a cappuccino infused funnel cake.

B & G Concessions - Dough-Kota Bites

Cookie dough bites topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Location: Across the Fairgrounds

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