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2022 NDSF Food Frenzy Winner Announced

The North Dakota State Fair Food Frenzy competition winners were chosen on Friday, July 22 at the conclusion of the event.


Judges tasted a variety of foods and critiqued them on categories of uniqueness, visual appeal, taste, and overall impression. The judging panel included local personnel who love to try new and unique foods. Austin Hanson, Peyton Sundsback, Kelsey LeRohl, Trey Klain, and Kent Hartwig.


The competition consisted of four possible categories for vendors to enter – Creative, Savory, Sweet, and Drink. The vendors who submitted an entry include Pride Dairy with their sweet & creative Ndulgence and Ice Cream Nachos. A&M Concessions with delicious Pickle Wraps. Amish Annie Donuts with a Salted Caramel Pretzel and a Berry Blast drink! Sue Sue’s Concessions entered savory Bacon Wrapped Chicken on a Stick, Bacon on a Stick, and a Bacon Wrapped Twinkie for all the sweet-lovers. Daarthe’s Bread Pudding with her famous Daarthee’s Bread Pudding with caramel sauce with and without cream! Tri Coffee/Tri Boba Tea with their special blend to make a tasty purple drink, Taro Boba Tea. NC Creative Ventures with a refreshing Pineapple Slushy to quench your thirst. Little Blue Elephant with their famous Monkey Balls. Meg-A-Latte Coffee House with their signature Fair Fun Drinks!


The winners of the eleventh annual Food Frenzy are:

  • Creative: Ice Cream Nachos – Pride Dairy
    • Runner Up: Pickle Wraps – A&M Concessions


  • Sweet: Bacon Wrapped Twinkie – Sue Sue’s Concessions
    • Runner Up: Salted Caramel Pretzel – Amish Annie Donuts


  • Savory: Bacon Wrapped Chicken on a Stick – Sue Sue’s Concessions
  • Runner Up: Bacon on a Stick – Sue Sue’s Concessions


  • Drink: Berry Blast – Amish Annie Donuts
    • Runner Up: Pineapple Slushy – NC Creative Ventures


Winners received large ribbons that were displayed on their stands for Fairgoers to see.

A list of other new food items this year can be found at ndstatefair.com, under the Food Finder tab.