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Exhibitor FAQs

Most departments can enter online through our program, Showorks, this is the preferred method. Paper entry forms are also available. Both versions of entry forms can be found in the department/species area on their category’s page under the exhibit tab. The entry deadline is July 6, 2023 at 5:00PM. Please read all directions carefully, there is a step-by-step guide here. 

Great question! The state 4-H and FFA departments use a different entry program than NDSF. Therefore, to enter a 4-H or FFA exhibit, you must contact your county agent or FFA advisor. You can only enter an Open Class and/or Junior Show exhibit in Showorks. In Showorks, there is an option to state if you have an exhibit in 4-H or FFA, please answer this field as our superintendents must know for stalling purposes.

If requested on their entry form, livestock exhibiting families will receive one (1) Livestock Load/Unload pass. These passes will allow the exhibitor to enter the grounds to load/unload their tack and livestock during their allotted entry & release times. This pass can also be used throughout their stay to unload any extra tack they might have. They will only be allowed to unload these extra supplies from 6:00AM to 10:00AM and 7:00PM to 9:00PM. This pass must be present in the vehicle to enter the fairgrounds. Outside of these times, this pass may not be used. The exhibitor may park in our free parking lot, in the trailer parking lot, or the Fair Foundation Lot. To reserve a pass in the Fair Foundation Lot, please call our office.

If you are camping at the NDSF, you will receive a Tow Vehicle Pass. The pass will allow you to park one (1) vehicle at your camping spot. The pass must be visible at all times.

Livestock Trailers will parking in the Trailer Parking Lot (Please note, this lot has been moved since the 2021 Fair).

Horse exhibitors will be allowed to park west of Arena II. If you are competing in the open class or 4-H horse shows, you may request this pass on your entry form. If you are competing in Barrels of Fun or the Roping, please see the “Horse Stall and Passes Order” on the horse page to request this pass.

We would love to have you! To reserve a camping spot, please call our camping office at (701) 838-1193. Hurry! These spots sell fast!

If you are showing in only 4-H and/or FFA shows, you still must enter through your county agent or FFA advisor. However, you still need your livestock load/unload pass to get onto the fairgrounds. To reserve a livestock load/unload pass, please fill out this form.

With nine action-packed days, it is hard to keep track of everything going on. No worries though! We have a schedule that lists all livestock-related events here. If you have any further questions about dates, times, and locations, please refer to the appropriate handbook. The handbooks are full of useful information.

Please enter through Gate F, it is located on the northwest side of the fairgrounds along 4th Ave NE. The gate attendants will direct you where you need to go from there!

You have to arrive by 11 AM on Tuesday, July 25. To reserve passes, please call the office at (701) 857-7620.