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All commercial vendors participating in the North Dakota State Fair who operate on a percentage-based payment structure will be required to utilize this system to report their total sales throughout the 9-day fair. This point-of-sale system will serve as the primary method for handling all transactions, including both cash and card payments. Its implementation is of utmost importance as it enables us to collect vital year-to-year data.

As we continue to develop the necessary infrastructure for this project over the next year, we will ensure you stay well-informed about its progress.

Our foremost objective is to provide you with ample advance notice for the 2025 fair, and we eagerly anticipate your participation this year and the coming years. We appreciate your continued support and encourage you to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

The North Dakota State Fair takes great pride in offering our fairgoers a remarkable array of high-quality and thrilling exhibits. As North Dakota’s premier annual gathering, the 2023 North Dakota State Fair drew an impressive crowd of 356,534 attendees! We are eagerly anticipating the continuation of this time-honored tradition in 2024, with dates already set for July 19-27, 2024!


Starting January 2, 2024, you can access the application forms. These forms come in two categories: commercial and food. Please choose the application that aligns with your business type. We will promptly assess all applications and notify you about their approval status. The North Dakota State Fair management will diligently consider what serves the best interests of the fair and its visitors when making these determinations.

Selection Criteria

The North Dakota State Fair employs the following criteria for both evaluating existing vendors and selecting new ones:

  1. Returning vendors from the previous year will have the first opportunity to renew their participation, provided they have adhered to all rules, regulations, and performance expectations. Non-compliance with these standards or the failure to introduce new and captivating products may lead to non-renewal.
  2. Available spaces will be offered to new applicants who meet our criteria, without any specific order of preference.
  3. Exhibits must offer reputable, family-friendly products and present them in a professional and businesslike manner.
  4. Novel and diverse items that cater to the preferences of our fair patrons are highly encouraged.
  5. Exhibits with professional displays, including elements like drapes, carpeting, signs, and décor, will be given preference.
  6. Exhibits should be well-designed, functional, and provide easy accessibility for fairgoers to navigate around or through.
  7. The size of the exhibit will influence the placement of applicants within the fairgrounds.

Indoor Commercial Space

Pricing: All booth spaces measure 8×10 feet. Regular spaces are priced at $400 each, while corner or end spaces are available for $450.

For indoor booths located within the three commercial exhibit buildings, you’ll enjoy air-conditioned comfort and easy access to restroom facilities. Each booth space is furnished with 10 feet of pipe and drape at the rear and 3 feet along the two sides. The front remains open for your use. The dimensions for all indoor booth spaces are 10 feet in width and 8 feet in depth. If additional space is required, it can be extended by renting adjacent booth spaces, subject to availability.

The booth fee includes one basic electrical outlet (600 Watts, 120v, single-phase). Exhibitors should bring their extension cords if needed. Tables and chairs are also available for rent if required.

Outdoor Commercial Space

Pricing: Pricing varies based on booth size and location.

Outdoor exhibitors are responsible for providing their booth structures, which must adhere to current building, electrical, sanitation, and health codes. Compliance with specific structural specifications is necessary, and we kindly request that you submit your drawings or plans well in advance. It’s essential to ensure that all tent stakes are covered when using them. If you choose to rent a tent, it becomes your responsibility to ensure all stakes are properly covered. Please note that we do not offer event tent rentals. Staking is not permitted on pavement or concrete surfaces. All internal wiring is mandatory for operations, and exhibitors must provide adequately sized cables to connect to the Fair’s electrical service panels.


Vendors who have a percentage-based licensing agreement are required to complete a form provided by management, with a 17.5% fee applied to their gross sales. Gross sales should be reported within two weeks after the Fair’s closing day. Failure to submit these reports will result in a record of non-compliance, and licensees may not be considered for the following year.

The Food Frenzy Competition offers food vendors a platform to showcase their culinary creativity and fair food expertise by entering their most delightful food creations. The competition features four categories: Caffeinated Concoction, Sweetest Treat, Most Savory, and Most Creative. Participating vendors will enjoy benefits such as social media exposure, website recognition, and booth signage. Winners will receive a championship ribbon and, perhaps most importantly, the satisfaction of bragging rights. The best part is that participation in this competition is entirely free for vendors. Applications must be submitted by July 1st, and vendors will receive acceptance notifications. For more details, please refer to the Vendor Manual.


All individuals or companies conducting business on the North Dakota State Fairgrounds are required to have a valid, signed contract in place. Concessionaires and exhibitors are strictly prohibited from assigning, subletting, or transferring the designated space allocated to them. Furthermore, they may only offer for sale those products that have been explicitly listed on the contract or approved by Fair management.


Insurance Requirements

All exhibitors must submit a certificate of general liability insurance to the North Dakota State Fair office. Failure to send an accurate certificate will prevent you from participating in the Fair. All certificates will be verified by the North Dakota State Fair staff. Fraudulent insurance certificates will result in the forfeiture of the license without reimbursement. (State and Federal agencies are exempt from this policy)

Your agent must include the following information on the insurance certificate:

  • Insured for $1,000,000 general liability
  • The Certificate Holder MUST be listed as Additional Insured to include setup and tear-down.
  • 20-day cancellation notice
  • Certificate holder:

              North Dakota State Fair AND the State of North Dakota

              PO Box 1796

              Minot, ND 58702


All vendors are individually responsible for acquiring their own gate admission. Every individual, whether they are employees, delivery personnel, or otherwise, must possess a valid admission ticket for each day of entry to the fairgrounds. Daily tickets or season passes are available for purchase in advance when making deposits, and they can also be purchased at the gate or online if you prefer electronic tickets. Please be aware that the North Dakota State Fair does not provide any passes or complimentary tickets of any kind.

Hours of Operation

Location Open Close
COMMERCIAL I 11:00 AM 10:00 PM
OUTDOOR 11:00 AM 9:00 PM
INDEPENDENT MIDWAY 11:00 AM until carnival closes

Enjoy Your Stay

We strongly advise you to secure your hotel or camping accommodations without delay. Camping facilities on the Fairgrounds can be arranged through the State Fair office.  Pricing for accommodations are as follows:

  • Electric hook-up space: $25.00 per night
  • Tent space: $15.00 per night

You can find additional hotel and campground recommendations in the Vendor Manual.


2005 Burdick Expressway East
PO BOX 1796
Minot, ND 58701


(701) 857-7620


(701) 857-7622